Frequently asked questions...

Do you have earrings for non-pierced ears?

Yes! We have options for pierced, non-pierced, and sensitive ears! All products offered can have a clip-on attachment. 


Are the earrings hypoallergenic?

Yes! Both, the wire earring and earring posts/findings are composed of hypoallergenic material.


What exactly is the material used for the wire earrings?

All silver wire earrings are made with a bright and durable stainless steel. The gold wire earrings are made with a tarnish-resistant brass. Both have an amazing sheen and finish to make the perfect accent piece of jewelry. 

Earring posts, clips-ons, and jump rings are made with hypoallergenic and nickle-free material.


How can I purchase a custom design seen advertised by AIRI or someone I know?

Not all custom earrings are available for purchase. If a popular custom earring design is in stock, you can check our shop special designs page to purchase. These designs are made 100% by hand in small batches, therefore availability may be limited. 


What is a special code for custom orders?

Once a project has completed the design phase of the custom order process, AIRI will send a special code for you to enter while checking out. This code helps us distinguish and track custom projects. If you have not confirmed a design with us, you will not receive a special code. If you only want to purchase a Special Design offered on our website, you do not need to enter a special code. You can check 'no' and proceed to checkout.

For more information about the design process of custom earrings please see the Request Custom Design page.




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