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AIRI Creator

Our Workshop Concept
At AIRI, we understand the power art has to heal and empower, and we want to share that! All of our workshops are centered on one thing, using art as a creative and restorative outlet. They are designed to be a stress-free experience where you can come to meet new people and most importantly tap into your creativity. All painting levels are welcome. Art has the ability to evoke an immense amount of mindful and restorative energy, and that will be the true aim of our time together. The fun concepts are just an added bonus!



About the Instructor
Maya Alia, local artisan and Founder of AIRI, is a self-taught artist passionate about using art as a mindful practice. It has always served as her grounding element, opening channels for creativity and restoration. These workshops are a channel for her to share the restorative elements art can provide.
In order to encourage you to take creative autonomy of your experience, Our workshops are structured to be semi-guided. Maya will provide just the right amount of instructions and guidance on techniques to get your juices flowing and keep you inspired.

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