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Art for the home & heart

About our latest series

Read a Note from the Artist on the newest series in AIRI Gallery, Curls & Coils. It is a collection of digital illustrations that aim to highlight the strength and beauty of all curls, coils, textures, and twists. An ode to the way textured hair is used as a form of expression and identity -- challenging beauty standards one curl at a time.

"We were so excited to have AIRI Jewelry & Gallery curate the first featured artist collection at the Boston Public Market...Maya's vision with her art is in line with the Market's goal of creating an inclusive community, and she accomplishes it in a subtle and beautiful way. AIRI provided art that the people of Boston and the Market customers could see themselves reflected in. Her work added to both the message and the aesthetics of the Market perfectly - it was a great match!"

Boston Public Market

"Amazing artistry, and incredible craftsmanship. Everything has been thoughtfully designed."


"Everything about this brand is amazing."


Inspiration for your next art wall

About AIRI Gallery

Our Gallery is a half of a whole. It completes the essence and purpose of AIRI Jewelry & Gallery -- a brand with a heart and soul centered on art. All of the pieces included in the gallery are created to provide studio art that is attainable and inclusive. Art has the power to inspire and empower, and we want to be apart of that.

Our Theory

Find art in everything! From our 2D illustrations to our 3D jewelry pieces, everything in our shop is thoughtfully designed and curated with the intention of sparking joy. We celebrate art! And create art that celebrates you.

Art is at the heart of AIRI, and we want to share that with you.