The Most Popular Jewelry Goals For 2024 & How To Accomplish Them

As you lock in your Ins & Outs for the new year, do not forget to reflect on your expression through wardrobe! Jewelry (or lack thereof) is one of those accessories that can speak for you! It can tell the world whether you mean business, are playful, chic, creative, fashionista, or just simply down-to-earth. 

Here are the most popular jewelry goals for 2024 and how to nail them: 

Wear More Jewelry

If you want to wear more jewelry, you need what we like to call “Grab-n-Go” type earrings (studs do not count!). These earrings should be modern and fairly versatile, so it blends with anything in your wardrobe. It should be comfortable and small, something you can sleep in if you want to!

Our Grab-N-Go Pick: Edge Earrings


Keep It Minimal

Wire jewelry is as good as it gets in terms of minimal. There is a subtle beauty and essence to all our designs, which aims to complement, NOT overpower, your overall look. Even our largest earrings are wired to make you the focus. Also, they weigh less than 3 grams, giving a feather-like feel for all-day comfort.

Our Minimal Pick: Trinity Earrings


Upgrade from Studs

If your goal is to wear larger statement pieces, ear jackets are perfect training wheels to get you out of your stud comfort zone. The BEST PART: You don’t even need to take your studs off! Most ear jacket designs incorporate a stud - and our FLORA line actually puts your favorite studs at the center of attention, while adding more depth and magic to your look!

Our Stud Upgrade Pick: Petals Earrings


Go All Gold!

Going all gold is a marathon, not a sprint. The best starter pack to ease into a commitment of all gold includes; stackable hoops, simple dangles, and a flashy statement piece. Fortunately for our goldie girls, we are always stocked with our vibrant brass earrings, which are lightweight, tarnish-resistant, and low maintenance - so you can stay golden all day long! 

Our All Gold Pick: Tri Earrings

Jewelry is a small, but mighty detail, that can elevate the statement you want to make in 2024. So kudos to those who added some jewelry goals to their In list. 

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of jewelry aspirations, AIRI has all of the jewelry to meet your goals! Build your wire jewelry collection in 2024 – your ears will thank you in 2040! 

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