Small Business. Big Heart.

At AIRI, we call ourselves a small business, with a big heart. Since it is a concept we swear by, we wanted to name some of the ways we put this into practice. Here are the 5 essential signs of an authentic & conscious brand.

  • We are human-centered. You are unique – and the jewelry and art you invest in should be too. Our jewelry and prints are thoughtfully crafted and curated to inspire free expression, creativity, and inclusivity. And if you don’t find something that speaks to you at AIRI Jewelry & Gallery, we can make it for you! We handcraft artisan earrings for all ears; sensitive, hypoallergenic, stretched, and even non-pierced. Our inclusivity and accessibility also extend beyond our jewelry, as infuse a human-centered approach that is led with love in our service and engagement with supporters. We are always a message away to hear input and accommodate unique requests, such as special packaging and important delivery dates. We got the extra mile for our international supporters by adding a free pair of earrings to their order to offset high shipping costs. 
  • We match your energy. Whether through a purchase, newsletter sign-up, social media follow, or product review, you show up for us! Not only does it not go unnoticed, but we are committed to reciprocating the energy by showing up for you too. This means supporting you as a customer and individual – value your input, we follow back on Instagram, and we invest in your story and experiences. We all this to say we see you because your investment in our brand is invaluable to us. We genuinely support you back and have an interest in your influence, creativity, successes, and everything else that makes you, you. On Instagram, that follow button is our way of saying we reciprocate your energy. It is never an appearance thing with us. We will never be that brand that has 10K+ followers on Instagram to only follow a handful back. It will always be 100% and more because we care and invest in our supporters in the same way they do for us! 
  • The exchange of art is personal to us. At the end of the day, the vision and heart of the founder are in every handmade piece of jewelry and Gallery poster. An order affirms that someone somewhere has connected with our art. It is reassurance that there is room for our niche in what can seem like an oversaturated industry at times – and it means the world. To share our genuine gratitude we think of the person behind the purchase the whole step of the way.
  • We are your personal shopper. Your jeweler, your art curator, and your designer if you let us. The benefit of shopping small with us is accessibility. We are always ready to guide you through your AIRI experience. From chiming in on best fit to materials rundown– it is all about you connecting with our art.
  • We know everything is not one-size-fits-all. Historically, it has been an industry standard to only design for one particular height and body, hair, or skin type. Anyone else who needed more or less from that standard was charged a higher cost as if their unique design was an inconvenience. What it really can be called is the world failing to compensate, or even consider, all people. For this reason, we moved in the direction of not charging for clip-on attachments for non-pierced ears. Both, gold and silver, jewelry are priced the same. Lastly, we do not charge extra for larger clothing sizes. This is our continuous effort to embody an inclusive brand. And for those who ask, can a business really do that? When you put the financial element aside, it is not a complicated science. It is about being human.

Above else, AIRI is a brand with a soul and heart centered on producing feel-good art. Although these practices still serve as a shock to some, the how is fairly simple. There is a human behind AIRI, and that is the first aspect that defines us and our engagement with the world.