Curls & Coils Insider: A Note from the Artist

This artistic collection is an ode to ways black women use their hair as a form of expression and identity. It commands visibility for the statement of strength every time we embrace our curls and coils, mastering the power within ourselves to unapologetically exist and challenge standardized beauty.

Our textured curl patterns are often misunderstood – seen as an impossible challenge and anomaly. However, when embraced and given tender care, we can plant seeds of self-love that help us blossom.

Although not everyone will relate to this collection in the context of hair, most can relate to the journey of embracing and accepting a part of yourself. That is the story these pieces illustrate — along with the message that you will flourish once that journey is started. In addition, I hope this collection highlights the impact of representation. Whether it be hair, body type, size, pigment, scars, or anything else that makes us human, we would be kinder to ourselves and others if we expanded beyond one standard of beauty.

— Maya