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We're the wired kind. We're a different kind.

Of all the elements that set us apart, it's our commitment to producing pieces that bring joy and celebrate inclusivity. From our creative process to overall craft, everything created is intended to highlight you. It is visible in the intentional design and beauty of our artisan jewelry, thoughtfully wired to be the perfect statement piece. All silver wire earrings are made with bright and durable stainless steel, while our gold wire earrings compose tarnish-resistant brass. AIRI gallery consists of original paintings and prints for purchase. Size, medium, and prices vary, so you are guaranteed to find a piece that is for you!

We are not your typical jewelry brand

In fact, we are not a jewelry brand at all! We are a conscious brand with a heart and soul centered on art.

Jewelry is Art

Like many of the things we wear, jewelry serves as more than an accessory. It’s a statement, your statement! Representing your creativity and personal style. And we get that!

Made with you in mind

We are an inclusive brand through and through. Our wire earrings cater to all ears; sensitive, pierced, and non-pierced! And if you don’t find something that speaks to you, we will make it!

A Note From The Creator & Curator


At AIRI, we know how powerful jewelry can be. 

For me, it has always been a form of expression. And because I cannot resist a good pair of earrings, I have gained a few dozen over the past years. Each reminds me of that outfit I felt my best in, my style evolution, or someone special. 

 As I continue to evolve and grow, I see a natural transition into a more minimal lifestyle. As a result, I find myself gravitating towards jewelry that aligns with the contemporary trends of abstract, femme, and geometric elements. But many styles that exist seem to be mass-produced and one-size-fits-all. So, with a joy for jewelry making and a little practice, I decided to create earrings of my own, only using wire to give it that minimal and modern feel I’ve been craving.

Sure enough, the self-made earrings I wore drew attention from all walks of life. I realized there is room and a desire for the type of jewelry I created in what always seemed to be a saturated industry. And the response and love that poured into my shop, within only a year of us being open, solidified that I created something of value and meaning. It is also my sole motivation behind forming a purpose-driven brand focused on bringing joy through expressive and 'feel good' art.

That is the energy that I put into AIRI Jewelry & Gallery, and it carries throughout the pieces that are made-to-order for you. Thank you for connecting with my art and seeing the beauty and value in our works. Consider this your invite to explore our wire earring collections and join our growing community of #AIRIBeauties if you haven’t already. There is so much more to come, so stay wired!

From my hands to yours,

Maya Alia

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Our Story

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