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Jewelry wired to make you the center.

Stunning statement earrings for all ears; sensitive, pierced, and even non-pierced. They are also ultra-lightweight and hypoallergenic for all day comfort.

Affordable artisanal wire and solid metal earrings that are sustainably made with high quality and tarnish resistant metals that are built to last.


If you want gorgeously crafted earrings that will stand the test of time then AIRI Jewelry is exactly where you need to shop for your next piece! Each one that I ordered came well packaged and you can tell they were made with love. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future!



The abstract look is so chic and dreamy. They are uniquely crafted and specially made to be worn all day for comfort. It even comes with beautiful artwork which can easily be framed and hung up. These earrings are truly made by an artist for artsy souls.



I am in love my earrings! The turnover time from ordering to delivery was faster than I expected. What really impressed me was when I received and opened my package. It really added to the experience knowing that there was care and thought put into the merchandise. 


The Must Have Accessory

A stunning collection of squiggly one-line wire earring designs. Each ripple and bend adds more movement and volume to any outfit. There isn't an outfit these earrings can't pair with.


Statement earrings, without the weight


Airi (愛莉)

a feminine name of Japanese origin that translates to love and affection