The 2024 Wedding Trend: Modern Wire Boutonnières

As seen on the Knot & Wedding Wire

From monogrammed napkins to dessert walls, in today’s world, it can feel like all of the personal touches for a wedding have been done already – making it harder to have your vision stand out. The good news is we know a game changer to personalize your wedding for the better, and it won’t break the bank, AIRI’s Wire Boutonnières

These are not your traditional boutonnières, which is why they are destined to be the bud of a blossoming trend. Unlike the overdone flower bouts, these wire lapel accessories can elevate your entire wedding aesthetic and tone in a unique, never-seen-before, type of way. Here’s how:

Wire Boutonnières are classier than the classic

For too long, grooms have only been presented with two choices for their lapel: a bulky assortment of flowers or a drab pocket square. For those with immense style and taste, those options can seem underwhelming and overplayed. Luckily, AIRI’s Wire Boutonnières revolutionizes the options. The new collection of signature styles effortlessly embodies the one-line design while still paying homage to the botanical elements of a traditional flower Boutonnière. They give an elevated and modernized look that offers the to-be-wed a fresh option to express their creative style through attire. Not to mention, this classy wire design is the lighter and eye-catching choice that brings the century-old tradition into the modern realm. 



They Make the Perfect Gifts

The traditional wedding gift exchange is becoming increasingly popular among nearlyweds looking for ways to stay present with each other on their Big Day. A wire boutonnière is a stylish and thoughtful gift your partner could incorporate into their wedding fit— but also pin back in place years down the line, as you celebrate your 20th anniversary or even pin on the lapel of your future teen as they head off to winter formal. No matter how you repurpose it, these Boutonnières will look as good as they did on your wedding day, keeping the memory of your milestone alive. And just to clarify, that is without needing a DIY guide or expensive service to preserve the flowers from your wedding day. 



Ditch the flower tradition

If the typical flower boutonnières remind you too much of a pubescent prom night with corsages, you are not alone! Gen-Z couples are already rethinking the excessive flower tradition for more eco-friendly and innovative traditions. AIRI’s Wire Boutonnières are the modern, eco-friendly, and sustainable accessory that pairs perfectly with any lapel. Plus, they are drama-free! You don’t need to worry about flower wilting, squishing, preserving, or pollen! They are wired to last, so you can focus on what matters.



Make it a theme!

Why just one when you can have your entire crew stand out in style? Lean into the wire aesthetic and make it a theme in your wedding. Have your wedding party look the part with unique and unforgettable artisan accessories that represent the significance of the role played in your special day. Style your groomsmen in sleek Wire Boutonnières that make a statement. Your bridesmaids can match the aesthetic with award-winning wire earring designs for special occasions (see LUXE collection). Whether aiming for all-gold accents or tapping into the rust wedding trend, wire is the perfect element to lean into for adding a distinct and contemporary touch to your wedding vision. Plus, your wedding party will be more in sync than ever before!



AIRI’s Wire Boutonnières are the most unique wedding trend on the market and are up for grabs for couples who want to make a stunning statement on their special day and celebrate their bridal party. So, if you want to make a statement, make a move on this emerging trend before it becomes the next standard.