As Seen In Boston Art Review: Jewelry for That Chic Friend in Your Life

The Boston Art Review is a staple among creatives and art enthusiasts alike to keep up to date on the latest projects and brands taking the city by storm. Every year their editors release a non-exhaustive list of recommended gifts for the creative and unique people in your life.

Amidst the season of frenzy gift buying, the Boston Art Review editors highlighted AIRI Jewelry & Gallery as one of their favorite shops and makers to support in Massachusetts. We were top ranked for our captivating piece of art that are consciously priced to increase affordability and inclusivity.


“…for the friend who loves to look fabulous, but keep things versatile” 

Sometimes it can be hard shopping for that chic friend that seems to have everything. But no one can ever have too many earrings — and it is likely they do not have any pair like our unique statement pieces. From the culture-inspired Picasso faces to contemporary geometric essentials, AIRI jewelry is the perfect choice. Plus, our earrings are kind to all ears! They are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin; lightweight for all-day comfort; and tarnish resistant for a statement that lasts.


“We love the ear jacket earrings that can be paired with a stud you already own.” 

The Boston Art Review lended a special moment to our ‘crowd pleaser’ ear jackets from our FLORA collection. These wire designs really are people’s choice, with intricate detail and aesthetic that people cannot resist. They are are timeless, versatile, and complementary. Whether it is on our Etsy, official website, or an open market, we are bound to sell out of these popular ear jacket styles.


“The jewelry is reminiscent of a single-line abstract art and offers a modern flair that never goes out of style.

It's the craft and vision is what puts the ‘artisan’ in our products. We consider our AIRI Jewelry to be an art form – using metal as our medium for producing masterpieces that shine, and make you shine even brighter. We are grateful that the Boston Art Review recognizes this commitment we have to art, and it is our greatest hope you do as well once your receive your carefully wrapped package of AIRI jewelry. 


Gift your special someone a gift they are bound to love! Feel free to message us if you would like recommendations on selections curated to their taste. Remember, all orders are risk-free with no-hassle returns and free return labels.